We organise classes and events that introduce people to salsa and related Latin dances. Every Thursday night new faces arrive and are taught their first steps with us, our aim is to turn them all into happy social dancers. Classes run between 8-9pm and we keep the music going for social dancing until 11pm.


Rascals Cafe Bar, 6 Holyhead Rd, Bangor LL57 2EG.

There is a reasonably priced bar and so would ask that you do not bring your own drinks.


Thursday nights, class at 8pm sharp.

How much?

£4.00 for the whole evening, with or without class.

Attending Classes:
Please arrive in good time, the warm up will start promptly at 8pm, allow a little time to arrive, pay your £4.00 and settle in. We run a drop in class for new people. You can turn up any week for an 8pm start and we’ll begin teaching you how to dance salsa from scratch, no dance experience is required.

As you can see from the syllabus, we’ve split our classes into levels. You need to attend all the classes at your level before moving on to the next.

To get the most out of your class pay attention to your teacher’s instructions. If there’s something you’re unsure of, don’t be shy and ask a question. Your teacher will be happy to help and, likely as not, you’ll not be the only one who wants to know. If you arrive late you can still join in, but please accept that your teacher may not be able to repeat any of the class material for you.

Don’t be in a rush to move on to a higher level class, it’s important to get a solid foundation under you. Revising any of the classes can only improve your dancing. If you’ve completed a set of classes but you are unsure about moving on, ask one of the teachers for advice.

What to wear:
We would recommend loose casual clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement and footwear without grippy soles.

Dance Floor Etiquette
Salsa is a social couple dance. With a large crowd of people sharing a dance floor it’s important to learn good dance manners.

Be aware of the people around you and try not to bump into anyone. A stiletto in the ankle is not a great experience.  When the crowd gets busier keep your steps small. Remember you’re going to be dancing quite closely with people you don’t know. Make sure you wear clean clothes, personal hygiene is also important. On a long hot night a spare clean shirt or top is a good thing to keep handy.  The gender balance is better in Bangor than at most classes in the area, but the girls still outnumber the boys a little. If you want to dance, don’t be shy about asking for one.

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